The 1998 Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour

Day 2 - It was a dark and stormy night.........

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North out of Springfield.

Hello Mr Lincoln, thank you for the sticker!

Mmmmmm, donut!

The clock tower in Atlanta.

Eine Kliena Musik.

Cool, a Mac (SE/30) on 66 !

Masons on 66 at the Laurasian Institution.

A little neon at the Dixie.

One passport sticker please!

A little Funk's Grove Sirup, pour favor!

An old roadhouse in Normal.

A picnic in Chenoa park.

Get yer Route 66 Association stuff here!

The Log Cabin Inn in Pontiac.

The Odell Station. Dogbert says 'Get a t-shirt Now!'

A little Federson's Pizza anyone?

The Marathon Station.

A quick stop at the Riviera Roadhouse.

Yum...a light snack. Thanks Riviera.

An old 66 bridge over RR Tracks. To bad this one isn't open anymore. Word is it is going to be torn down.

Nukes on 66.

66 Drive-In. A little ice cream anyone?

The Launching Pad.

66 Raceway. Big $ on 66.

The Joliet Union Train Station sticker-stop.

We Won, We Won!

Seemed like there were prizes for everyone. We got this trophy for being one of the participants to come from the farthest away.

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A Few Final Observations

Observation #1: No matter how many pictures you take, you will still miss 90% of what is going on.

Observation #2: No matter how fast you drive, the weather always catches up.

Observation #3: Don't arrive to early, you will get the sucky seats (as in the back 40).

Observation #4: Have a map (and use it). The 66 signs may be missing!!!

Observation #5: The Motor Tour is Kewl. Volunteer to help next time.

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