The 1998 Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour

Day 1 - It was a bright and early morning.............

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Breakfast of Champions at the new Edwardsville High School.

Full-up parking lot.

One of the more interesting vehicles.

The Leader's Circle out front.

Our leader..... OK guys, anyone know how to get this thing to work?

OK, you hold the speaker over your head and I'll talk....

OK, my turn! You keep holding up the PA!

Heading north on 66.

The Road splits ahead. Now, if I could time the shutter release better, maybe you could see the signs.

First stop in Stauntin; a quick donut and coffee.

Walkin' the streets

The parkin' lot.

Gee, that's an awful nice red Mustang

OK, turn right at the sign onto the original pavement.

An original bridge.

Lunch stop in Carlinville.

A Million $ worth of Courthouse (built back when a million was actually worth something).

And across the street, the old Poky (as in the big house, slammer, etc.)

A picnic in the park.

I'll meet you at the Gazebo!

A real antique.

More original pavement south of Nilwood.

Another quick rest-stop in Girard at the high school.

A full lot again.

An old gas station across the street from the school

A shot of the Red Brick Road sticker stop.

Close-up of bricks.

Red Brick 66 looking north towards the curve.

The covered bridge stop.

A nice shot of the bridge.

This space For Rent

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