The 1998 Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour

Day 0 - It was a hot and humid day.............

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A quick trip on a piece of Missouri Route 66 (after a stop at Grant's Farm), a stop at Passport Sticker Station #1 for a drive across the Chain-of-Rocks Bridge, and ending at the start of the Edwardsville Route 66 Celebration (and a quick hailstorm & tornado for the classic autos).

Signs along The Road. Anyone else think this is amusing?


Four-Lane 66 near the Devil's Elbow.


The Hooker Cut. At one time, It was one of the deepest rock cuts in the US.


Ted Drewe's in St Louis.


The sign.


Chain of Rocks Bridge from the MO side parking area (OK, it was an open area where they had hacked back the underbrush.

The approach to the registration desk.

Heading up the bridge.

Up on the bridge deck heading for the bend.

Our car. It is a CandyApple Red 1966 Mustang Coupe with a Black Interior. Fortunately it also has factory air conditioning (it was a cooker; both hot AND humid)

Looking towards IL from just short of the bend.

Looking towards IL from the bend.

Parked at the bend. A painted warning can still be read on the pavement.

Going around the bend.

Heading towards IL. Look out for the falcons!

Past the falcons heading to IL.

Looking back at MO.

Water intake #1

Water intakes #1 and #2.

Looking back from IL bridge approach.

Water intake #3.

In the trees on the IL bridge approach.

Parked on the IL side.

Rainbow over Edwardsville after the storm passed. No pictures from the celebration since I don't have a flash on my digital camera. Was a soggy, but good, time.

Hiding out under a tree from the thunder/hail storm on Route 66. Managed to avoid any dings from the hail but we got real wet.

This space for rent.

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