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My Amateur Radio Email is: NJ0W(at)6T6KIX(dot)COM

As an Amateur Radio Operator (Extra Class) I operate primarily as a Rover, whether it be 2m public service, 6m meteor scatter, or any of the various HF modes or bands. I have installed a Yaesu FT-897D all band transceiver and an Ameritron M500 solid state amp driving a Tarheel 80m-10m screwdriver antenna (mobile) or Inverted-V wire antenna (portable), a 400w TE Systems 6m linear into either a PAR Electronics 6m stressed Moxon or a PAR Electronics 6m Omniangle on a trailer-hitch mounted 29' push-up mast, and a 375w TE Systems 2m linear into a 4el beam (or bareback into a 2m whip). I also have another milsurplus fiberglass mast and 500' of coax available for detached operation, if needed.

Operating 6m in Organ-Pipe
Cactus National Park, AZ

For power, my 4WD Ford F-150 has a bank of three 12v deep cycle lead/acid batteries that are rated at a total of 320 amp-hours so I am able to run in excess of 14 hours between charges even when running full output WSJT modes. When Roving, I also set my HT up for APRS w/GPS location (you can track me at <http://aprs.fi/?call=nj0w-7>). This has worked fairly well even in remote areas. I do keep a listening watch for 6m Es when moving, but safety will always come first so it may not always be possible to operate while moving (logging can be problematical depending on road and weather conditions). I generally monitor 146.520 FM simplex and 50.125 USB when Roving.

I batch process QSL cards upon return from each trip; SASE is required! I usually prepare custom QSL card backs for each operating location that have a photo of the GPS readout, the applicable grids (1,2,or 4), and Single, Boundary, or Confluence operation annotated. If you want separate cards for each grid from a multi-grid operating location, then please include a note or send separate cards for each grid to clue me in, otherwise I will return just one card for each contact. Due to the annoying kludge required for Rovers to use LotW, I am not uploading at this time although I do occasionally check for ARRL software updates that would make it more Rover friendly.

For those that have a lot of QSO's for me to validate, if you would like to send a single card and a summary sheet in a format that I can use to validate my grid activations (IOW; the same info that a card has) you can do that. I would like one of your cards as a 'souvenir' and since I do want to apply for the 'reverse FFMA' award someday (grids activated vs grids contacted) so I will need evidence of having activated each grid I operate from. I will, of course, accept a stack of cards too.

Send QSL card requests to:

I generally batch process QSL replies so if you haven't received a return for a while you should send me a follow-up email rather than another request. Please take into account that long trips or big events will generate at lot of QSL requests that can take time to work through (I paper log so make sure you use UTC dates and times to speed up the process). If I get something wrong on a card (I've managed some doozies) send an email (address is at the top of this page) and I'll send a corrected card gratis.



I will again be operating as W6S in the annual Route 66 On The Air special event 8-16 September (UTC not local so starts Friday evening at 0000Z) from various locations along Route 66 in Arizona. It is quite the circus where I average 2600(+/-) HF contacts over 9 days. Once again the Northern Arizona DX Association is sponsoring two Rover operations (W6S & W6T) in addition to the Flagstaff Club location (W6G). Each call has a separate QSL card and they are designed to fit together to make a pictorial panorama of Route 66 in central Arizona.

I'm planning to give 6m Roving a try again on my annual sojourn from AZ to ND and back. It appears that the new WSJT-X/MSK144 meteor scatter software is working again Mac-native (the Tx bug has been quashed) so hopefully that will help with the thermal isues associated with the MSK processor load since any WinDoze emulator overhead is eliminated. I will post grid schedules when they are firmed up. I pretty much covered the rare-grids between AZ and ND last year so not sure what route to take. Maybe it is time for a non-leaderboard Rover trip?!?

I might try some SOTA activations this spring but will be few and far apart as I am seriously out of training for hiking (particularly up hills). I'm addressing on that now so we'll see how it works out. Fall wll be far more likely to see me doing serious hiking again.

Hopefully this year the stars will align and I will be active in the Arizona QSO Party as a multi-county Rover. I've had the route and locations planned out the last few years but something always seems to cause an abort (mechanical issues/weather/illness/etc). Knock on wood......


...2010 Arizona QSO Party (County-Line HF Operation (as KF7GCL)
...2011 Rover Day-trips out of Flagstaff, AZ [6m FSK & phone]
...2011 Organ-Pipe Cactus National Park, AZ 18-19 March [6m FSK]
...2011 Southern Utah 4-7 May [6m FSK & phone]
...2011 Interior-West 6m Rare-Grid DXpedition 25 May - 10 July [6m FSK & phone]
...2011 Route 66 On-the-Air 9-18 September, 2011 [HF Phone]
...2011 Arizona Statehood QSO Party 8-9 October, 2011 [HF Phone]
.. 2012 Interior-West 6m Rare-Grid Rover Trip to ND 15-19 April [6m FSK & Phone]
...2012 Rover Day-Trips to Grids near EN16 (Fargo, ND) [6m FSK and Phone]
...2012 Interior-West 6m Rare-Grid Rover Trip back to AZ Appx Dates 23-29 May [6m FSK & Phone]
...2012 Route 66 On-the-Air Special Event as W6S 7-16 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF thru 6m Phone]
...2012 Super 7 MS Winter Rally 11-17 December. Different Grid around DM45 each AM most days. [6m FSK]
...2013 Interior-West 6m Rare-Grid Rover Trip AZ to ND 19-28 June [6m FSK & Phone]
...2013 Interior-West 6m Rare-Grid Rover Trip ND to AZ 20-28 July [6m FSK & Phone]
...2013 Route 66 On-the-Air Special Event as W6S 6-15 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF thru 6m Phone]
...2013 Arizona QSO Party 12-13 October NVO/APH or APH/GLE County Lines [HF thru 6m Phone]
...2014 Route 66 On-the-Air Special Event as W6S 6-15 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF thru 6m Phone]
...2015 Route 66 On The Air special Event as W6S 12-20 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF Phone]
...2016 Route 66 On The Air special Event as W6S 12-20 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF Phone]
...2017 Route 66 On The Air special Event as W6S 12-20 Sept Roving Eastern AZ 66 [HF Phone]


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