Route 66 from 33,000

or, gee it's kewl to have your own airliner.......

These pictures were taken with an Apple QuickTake 200 Digital Camera (1.3 mega-pixel) while traveling to March Air Reserve Base (CA) from the Niagara Falls Guard Base (NY). We were traveling Southwest at 33,000 feet. As you can see, photography at that altitude kind of messes up the color balance (note the deep blue sky and deep red tinted land) in that the colors are deeper than normal. Also, I didn't have a telephoto lens for the QuickTake camera so the pics tend to be very panoramic. Take a moment and check out a view of 66 that is a little "Abby Normal".

Coming up on the Grand Canyon from the East (looking West) over the scab lands.

Starting to pick up the upper Colorado.

The Colorado turns south and we pass over a snow shrouded area of mountains.

Still over the mountains, the light area in the lower left is the sun reflecting off of the snow.

Moving west out of the mountains, the Canyon can again be seen.

Out over the Grand Canyon.






Looking south towards Williams Arizona ( the light area at the top).

An alkali lake bed 66 is at the top of the frame above the lake.

Kingman (top left)

66 leading out of Kingman up into the hills towards Oatman Arizona.

Area around Oatman Arizona

Needles California

More Needles, CA

If you look carefully the rock outcropping after which the town of Needles California was named can be seen.

Another shot of the Needles (white blob in lower left is a sun reflection).

66 west of Oatman heading towards Topock. The bottom of the pic is the nose and windshield wiper of the Boeing 717 (also known as a USAF KC-135 Aerial Refueler)

Needles (at upper right)

Heading out over the Mojave Desert.

Amboy crater coming on the screen (dark circular patch)

Amboy crater to the left center.

66 enters lower right, curves as it goes through the hills, and exits towards top center.

Another view of hills. Dark line that enters from center bottom is 66.

Another shot of hills. Very dark line from center left is the railroad. 66 enters from lower right.

A bit better contrast. Dark line is railroad, faint line is 66.

View west. Railroad is dark line from lower right.

66 fades off towards Barstow.

Das ist alles.

Thanks for flying Route 66 with the New York Air National Guard.

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