Welcome to Dave's 2007 Flagstaff Route 66 Days and Car Show Page

I took all of the photos and most of the Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) Panoramas during Saturday's events. I came back on Sunday afternoon to check out the Flagstaff Route 66 Car Club member's show.

I set up a slide show for the show photos on this page (directly below) and link to the QTVR panormas at the bottom of the page.

Because Virtual Reality Panoramas are rather large (1.2-2.1 megs ea), I put descriptions with links to each one below the photo slide show. VR Panoramas are interactive. Click and drag yor mouse on the panorama and the picture will move in the direction you drag. You can also zoom in or out to get a better view by using the (+) and (-) buttons.

QTVR Panoramas require that Apple QuickTime be installed on your computer (available for free at www.apple.com/quicktime/download/).


David S.

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These are the links to the VR Panoramas. They will open in a new window (1.0 - 2.1 megs each):
Click on the link to view a 360 degree interactive virtual reality panorama (QuickTime required).

NE City Hall Parking Lot, North End
This is where Mustang Club member's cars were shown.
NE City Hall Parking Lot, South End
NW City Hall Parking Lot
More Mustangs and some others mixed in.
W City Hall Vendors
Largest of three vendor areas.
Band Stand
On the corner where Route 66 turns south and goes under the railroad tracks. Numerous acts performed all weekend.
Band Stand & SW Vendors
Has a good view of the bandstand and 66's sweeping turn under the tracks. A continuation of the vendor area heads east.
S City Hall Vendor's Area
Another area of vendors on the Flagstaff City Hall south lawn.
Intersection of Aspen and Leroux
The car show was set up on some blocked-off downtown city streets. This corner seemed to be the central hub of activity.
On Leroux between Route 66 and Aspen
This was the Porsche section.
Heritage Square
A popular area for residents for movies and concerts. The movie 'Cars' was shown here Friday evening.
Heritage Square on Aspen
Car show participants extended down the block to the west.
Leroux between Aspen and Birch
Displays extended north on Leroux with a mix (lots of PT Cruisers here).
Birch Between Leroux and Beaver
The show turned back west towards Wheeler Park (N of the City Hall).
Birch between Beaver and Humphreys
Continueing west towards Wheeler Park.
Intersection of Aspen & Humphreys
The primary foot traffic crossing heading into the downtown show area.
On Aspen N of City Hall
North of City Hall. Extends west to the vendor area and east into the downtown show area. The Mustang Club parking area is to the north.
W City Hall Parking Lot
On Sunday the members of the Flagstaff Route 66 Car Club got to display their vehicals. They weren't allowed to have their cars in the main show on Saturday (they sponsored it) so they got Sunday all to themselves.
W City Hall Parking Lot
Another part of the lot.
W City Hall Parking Lot
Another area of the Sunday Route 66 Car Club display area. Their mini-show had a good collection spanning all categories.


Apple QuickTime required to view some content.