KC-135 Pacer CRAG


For the viewing pleasure of everyone who wonders what the Tanker Navigator replacement looks like, I present the Pacer CRAG (Compass, Radar, And GPS) system. After flying with this system (I was in the first line unit to convert) I think it will work fine 3-person for cargo missions and straight refueling tracks. However, due to the higher workloads and S.A. issues, it will have issues when injected into high workload situations like anchors with multiple recievers in a threat environment. As a Gulf-War I veteran, I am glad I won't be there when this system gets such Contingency testing (I've done the sims). I guess now EVERYBODY will be as much good as a KC-10 in the mix.

Small wonder both the Guard and Actives were reconsidering this system after it was realized that Pacer GRAG "...doesn't perform as well as originally thought." Go figure.......

Too late now though. The artificially induced "Navigator Shortage" dictates that the KC-135 goes with the 3 person cockpit. There just aren't enough Navs left anymore and production is so low that there is no going back.

Be aware that there have been additional revisions to the KC-135 Pacer CRAG since Block 30 came out. I left the cockpit soon after it was completed so I have very little data on aircraft systems introduced since 2002.

A cockpit view from the simulator.

Radar overlay with stick-map. Compass rose across the top. Upper left digits are distance to next waypoint and TACAN DME. Winds are lower left.

This mode has full compass rose. This pic also has TACAN and FMS info displayed.

Hit a button from straight RADAR screen and it changes to a close-up of the top of the compass rose with radar info overlay. This is perfect for final approach as you can get ILS info too.

Same display as above with TACAN added.

Mode with TACAN and FMS crosstrack data, but no RADAR. (There are a couple of different ways to get similar info)

Same as previous with RADAR overlay.

One more view. The stick-map can be displayed in a 360 degree view so you can see what is behind you (in case you are doubling back.) In this case, that is Keflavik, Iceland 45.9 nm off the nose (the previous point is off the bottom of the screen).

RADAR control (top) and display control (bottom).

CDU #3 (Nav). Can access all computer functions.

New GPS fill station (lower left) for loading SA codes.

Upper Nav panel. No more N-1 compass. Same old altimeter, TAS, OAT gauges. Lower left is new digital clock.

Full view of new Nav station.

View of Copilots instrumentation.

Pilot's side electronics.

View of center gauges. Note, engine instruments are still old gauges. The screen between the two CRTs is a TCAS. This was added after the RADAR failed the skin-paint formation flying tests.

This is the Guard Porta-Potty. Actives still have the old metal box. Note new batteries at lower right. The INU2 battery was removed and now uses the main battery for backup.

Eat your hearts out Active Duty. First Class seats in cargo bay. We have a microwave too (popcorn on those long overwater trips!).

Another shot of front electronics.

Close-up of throttle quadrant.

HF Radio and new location of INU #2 controls.

Close-up of fuel panel and engine instruments.

Close-up of Pilot side displays.

Nav Station from jump seat.

Another view of left side of the Nav station.

So there you have it. If you have any questions or comments, contact me at pacercrag@6t6kix.com


The Pacer CRAG Block 30 upgrade addresses most of the deficiencies that have cropped up throughout the original Pacer CRAG series. It adds numerous mission display enhancements but at the expense of flexibility and added preflight time.
The functionality of the various screen's were combined and some new capabilities (terrain elevation data) were added.


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