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04/16/2024 - Moving to New Server
I am in the process of moving this site and email to new servers.
There may be service disruptions during the transfer.

04/05/2024 - 2024 W6S Route 66 On The Air QSL Cards
Hopefully I will be working as W6S this year. Haven't had much luck the last couple years due to family events but this year look lear (so far anyway). 7-15 September, 2024 (UTC)

04/05/2024 - 2024 6m Rare-Grid Trips
The trip to Texas for the solar eclipse. Was looking forward to #3 but the cloud cover forecastss are wavering around 95% in areas we could get to from our hotel reservations. Oh well, made to the 1979 and 2017 total eclipses so as Meatloaf sang; "Now don't be sad 'Cause two out of three ain't bad. Anyway, no side trip to DL88 on the way back to AZ.

8/9/2023 - NJ0W QSL Cards
Please be aware that I have a tendency to batch process requests so it may be a while from when I get a request until a reply is received. If for some reason you need a quick reply, let me know. If it has been a while since you sent a request, email me to check on its status. Cards are still available for contacts back to 2010 when I first started 6m Roving.



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